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Re: Message Board

Man, that message might be the best arguement for a board- if I were to
respond to each point individually, it just becomes a hideous mess of
"quotes" and "responses".

It's nice on a message board when each quote is in a shaded little box with
different colored text, thus making it easy to skim down a thread &
determine who said what. But a couple quick rebuttals:

1) Every thread on every message board has a web address. When I want to
archive a specific thread, I simply save the web address in a Notepad.

2) Your response about where to keep files is a web page? LOL- isn't that
what you are arguing against? How is that a virtue of a mailing list?

3) I don't conside this off-topic. I'm saying, maybe there's a bunch of Red
Sox fans on the list. Or Yankees, or Coffee, or whatever- LD stays pretty
on point almost all of the time, which is awesome, because I don't need a
bunch of emails from Yankee fans mucking up my inbox- but on a board, you
can disucc these things with your fellow loopers, and uninterested parties
can skip over them.

Again, theres no right or wrong here, just preference.......

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On 4/25/06, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com <Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com> wrote:

> I think some of you frequent the wrong message boards. I've never found
> many active boards that i frequent to be 'clumsy, feature poor, or
> inefficient'.

One thing I hate about message boards is if you find a very
interesting message its a bit of a pain to archive it. Unless you have
a save feature on the board you have to cut and paste it into a text
editor and save it. Mail lists give you the advantage of archiving
interesting posts at the touch of a button or drag into an archive

> I mean- let's post some pictures of our setups! Oh wait,
> can't do that. Let's post some clips of our work to one central web
> location wher everyone can look at everything in one spot! Oh wait, can't
> do that.

Sure you can - http://www.loopersdelight.com/files/

or just get yourself a website - where have you been? :)

How about an off topic forum where people who have one thing in
> common (looping) can discuss other aspects of the universe we live in- oh
> wait, can't do that.....

I think that's what we are doing right now :)

The only thing wrong in my opinion with the email list format is
people who don't know how to edit their replies and include 20 threads
or THE ENTIRE DIGEST in their post!!! :)


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