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Re: Message Board

On 4/25/06, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com <Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com> wrote:
> Also- I think it's rather condescending to assume that because someone
> prefers a different format that it somehow impies that they don't know 
> to use their computer/email.

You're right.  It seems I was bitten by the condescending bug today. 
(Funny how waking up with a headache can make anyone an asshole.) 
We're all artists here, we HAVE to do things our own way.

Understand, though, that as a software engineer I am by default the
tech support center for my friends, family, coworkers, and simple
acquaintences on the net.  I'm surrounded by people that struggle with
their computers simply because they can't be bothered to put a little
time/energy into learning how to use this incredibly capable, not to
mention expensive, tool.  Struggling for an analogy here, it's like
buying a mitre saw and not bothering to learn how to set the angle of
the blade, then complaining because all of your cabinets came out
crooked.  I see enough of this sort of thing to justify a bit of

So, even though I'm writing like a grumpy bastard today, let's not
throw flames just yet.  :)