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XT Pro

> [
> I had one of the original Line6 Pro Pods a while back. I'd like to  
> get another one. There was a tone I got out of that that I've never  
> been able to replicate. It was so awesome and I was so inspired, I  
> came up with a tune that ended up being one of my all-time  
> favorites (of my own stuff). I wonder if the Pro Pod XT is similar  
> to the original.

If you liked the original, you'll probably love the current  
incarnation. The amp models have gotten much better. The latest  
software revision (3.0)  includes still more amp and fx models, and  
there are also additional fx and amp packs that you can purchase.  
Check out line6.com for details, clips, movies, etc.

At first I thought the XT's amp models were pretty poor, but that  
could have been due to the way I was using the box--with a combo amp.  
I wouldn't use it with an amp now, but instead would use it for  
direct recording. I've talked to a few people whose opinions and  
experience I trust, and they say that you can get some great sounds  
of the XT. Plus, it also takes pedals well (of which I have tons...),  
and has an fx loop. I can put my Eventide in there for good measure.  
And I can record without disturbing the neighbors or the family.

Anyway, I think I'll give the XT another chance.