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Re: Message Board

Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com wrote:
> Is this the way most people feel?
> I personally find message boards so much more conveinent than mailing
> lists.
> I'm just wondering if a board were put up for the same purposes this list
> serves, if anyone would use it............

It would take a great deal for me to get into another forum/message 
board system. L*rd knows I have posted my share of messages on forums 
(Waaay too many messages over at Ableton... eek!), but now I really 
enjoy the central information hub, that my email program has become. It 
sorts, deletes, saves information FOR ME, and I don't find myself 
clicking around: I read messages instead.

The only times I have found mailing lists to be a bit of a hassle is 
when setting up a new machine, either at home or at work - but once 
everything's up and rollin' it works great!