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Re: MySpace is for Loopers too!

Art:  April16 stands out among the 4.  It \ has the closest to what you 
might describe as a coherent theme.  Nice work.  I like the idea of 
"one-take" guitar tracks, it shows off your improv skills. - CW

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Subject: Re: MySpace is for Loopers too!

Well, it took me a while, but I've got some of my stuff up on
Myspace.com. 3 of the tracks are from an upcoming looping CD on Cohort
records "More of the Same (Reprise)," a sequel of sorts to a looping
CD I did years ago using a EDP called "More of the Same." I'd love to
hear what people think. If you like noisy, rhythmic guitar stuff,
check out:


The four pieces are all "one take" mostly guitar improvisations over
some rhythmic stuff in EnergyXT. Here are some of the technical