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Re: MySpace is for Loopers too!

Well, it took me a while, but I've got some of my stuff up on
Myspace.com. 3 of the tracks are from an upcoming looping CD on Cohort
records "More of the Same (Reprise)," a sequel of sorts to a looping
CD I did years ago using a EDP called "More of the Same." I'd love to
hear what people think. If you like noisy, rhythmic guitar stuff,
check out:


The four pieces are all "one take" mostly guitar improvisations over
some rhythmic stuff in EnergyXT. Here are some of the technical

More of the Same (Reprise) Track 1: Guitar is run throught Green
Machine VST amp simulator and then split three ways: I use two pitch
shifters, one an octave up and another an octave down through  two
different instances of xoxo's discipline2 plug in. The straight guitar
is looped in Elottronix XL. The rhythms use sampled tablas and
EnergyXT's sequencer.

April162006: Line6 Toneport split three ways; straight, pitch up an
octave, pitch down an octave. Again, the pitch shifted sounds go
through discipline2 and the straight guitar is looped in Elottronix
XL. The rhythm is the Wack patch in Stylus RMX.

More of the Same (Reprise) Track 3: Pretty much the same set up as
Track 1, except everything is looped through Mobius

More of the Same (Reprise) Track 4: M42 Nebula VST synth and Elottronix.

Thanks for listening!
Art Simon