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Re: RC-50 Features

On 23 apr 2006, at 15.28, Paul wrote:

> Their terminology is confusing me.

Me too. Have you been able to find a detailed PDF manual yet? I was  
searching all over the not but didn't find one.

> They have pedals marked 'patch up' and 'patch down'. I'm assuming  
> this is the 'loop up/down', correct?

I would guess not. Only Roland knows what they mean by "a patch".  
Probably doesn't equal "a loop".

> Also, does anyone know how the next loop (patch) functions? i.e.  
> does it play the last loop til completion and jump to the next?

I didn't see any such function listed.

>  There's 3 stereo loops and I'm trying to design how I'd use the  
> three loops (as opposed to pure overdubbing that I had done in the  
> past using different instruments-i.e. percussion, drums, etc.). It  
> appears that I could use one of the 'phrases' (to use Boss's  
> terminology) to laydown drums and/or percussion. Another for, say,  
> bass. The third for various guitar or keyboard backing. I'm also  
> assuming the loops/phrases are set at the same loop length (?).

Yes, in "single mode" that is correct, although they seem not to play  
together but rather one after the other (may this be the answer for  
your "next loop" question?). But in "multi mode" all three phrases  
can play back at the same time. I'm not sure about if the brochure  
means that three simultaneous phrases can be of different length or  
if they work together like parallel multiplied cycles (like on a  
repeater; "four tracks but still one loop").

However, this text indicates that the three phrases are indeed three  
different loops:

>> The RC-50 has plenty of other noteworthy features on offer, for  
>> example: Phrases can be played forward or backward. Phrases can be  
>> retriggered in “free time” or on a time-aligned grid. Errors can  
>> be corrected on the fly with the Undo/Redo switch

>  The device also makes statements re: MIDI clocking. What I read,  
> I'm understanding it can be sync'ed to an external clock but can it  
> generate clocking to sync a rhythm device to match tempo with the  
> RC-50?

Yes. Acroding to the document linked below, the RC-50 can both sync  
to incoming MIDI clock and send out MIDI clock for syncing other gear.

But maybe you'll find that you won't need any rhythm device with it?  
The brochure boasts  "379 play-along Rhythm Guide Patterns".

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.looproom.com (international)
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