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best looper?

I'm new to this forum, and have learned a tremendous amount in just the 
weeks I've been lurking.  I hope you guys can help guide me.  I currently 
play in sort of a free jazz improv group -- I'm the designated "bass" 
(guitar w/octave pedal), and I often get loops going to build up textural 
rhythm tracks.  I've been using an old Akai Headrush, but it's quite 

I've been looking at the EH 2880, EH 16-sec delay, boss rc-50, and the 
someday-to-be-released repeater, which all seem to be in the same general 
price range, but reading the specs isn't as enlightening as I could hope.  
Also, its not really possible in Birmingham, Alabama to pop into a music 
store and demo these things (and certainly not the ones that haven't been 
released yet).

Between the 16-sec and the 2880, as best as I can tell, the 2880 seems to 
a deluxe 16-sec delay (and perhaps the only reason to choose the 16-sec is 
for the price).  The boss looks good, in spite of boss' best efforts to 
market it as a shredder's buddy.  And the repeater looks good too, but it 
may be more sophisticated than I need.


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