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[For some reason I didn't see the original post, but I'm reading between 
the lines of the responses...]

I'll third that. Any medical professional (doctor or nurse) will be able 
to give the burn a once over to see if any deeper damage has occurred. 
Best thing is to get plenty of cool water onto it to cool the skin & flesh 
down, then take it to a pro to look it over (even if you went straight to 
see them, they'd probably run water over it for a good while before 
looking at it much). Aqueous cream (basically thick water) can help 
healing, and there are various types of sticking plaster that can help - a 
pro will recommend the correct type of plaster and/or cream. Having had a 
face full of boiling anti freeze a few years ago, I went to the doc and 
got water first, then the pro having a look, then cream / ointment for 
afters. Seemed like a good plan.

Guitar playing is very probably out for a while though, however deep the 
damage is. Even if it's fairly mild, playing a steel string guitar, with 
friction from the strings, is probably going to hurt, and probably 
aggravate things.

- Tony

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