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Yes, this is why you don't put ice directly on the bare skin,  
wrapping the ice in a towel (which becomes moist as the ice melts)  
reduces the effect, giving a cool, moist compress.

I recently retired from the Fire Department after almost 28 years,  
for major burns our Paramedics would wrap the area in a sterile  
towel, then keep soaked with sterile I.V. solution, my guess is Ted  
can't do this easily right now. Holding it under cool running water  
would be fine too, just reduce that residual heat!

I want to second that you should get a real medical opinion, as your  
description of the burn indicates it could be more than a simple 1st  
degree burn. Taker care of those finger tips!


On Apr 22, 2006, at 5:05 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> Actually, I've heard that applying ice to a burn is not the best  
> thing to do. Here is a quote from a medical source I'm looking at now:
> "Do not apply ice to the burn. It compounds the injury by  
> decreasing the blood flow to the burned area, thus starving the  
> damaged tissues of vital fluids and proteins"
> "immerse the burn in cool running water for at least 30 minutes to  
> help relieve the pain. If you can't cool the burn immediately, this  
> procedure will still help to some degree up to 2 hours after the  
> injury has occurred."
> Kris