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AW: Electrix Filter Factory

If I remember correctly, we had a Filter Factory discussion here some time
ago - you might search the archive. I threw out mine mainly because it 
up too much space (and for the same reason also got rid of the MAM RS3,
which is only 1HU).

What I really liked about the FF were the momentary buttons and the (for my
application) great distortion. If you're working with a drum machine,
chances are you won't need any other effects besides a filter factory and a

You might also want to take a look at the RS3. It features three parallel
Korg bandpass filters, LFO and envelope follower. It's got a very
characteristic, very unique sound unlike all those run-of-the-mill lowpass


> yeah, i have been bidding, and they go for a little over a 
> hundred bucks...I'd kinda like to find one for 120 shipped, 
> but i keep getting sniped on ebay...but i have been looking 
> for a cool rackmount filter, i am not concerned about size, 
> but i do know that the FF looks cool :) and i do like my 
> MoFX, I thought they might make a good pair :)