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Re: airplane baggage

At 7:03 PM +0200 4/22/06, Per Boysen wrote:
>On 22 apr 2006, at 18.47, mech wrote:
>>The airlines have evidently decided very 
>>recently that charging for overweight and 
>>excess baggage can be a new revenue stream for 
>>them. And they've all pretty much fallen 
>>lockstep into the same pattern at pretty much 
>>the same time too, from what I've just seen.
>And it may also differ from airport to airport, 
>how well they follow the regulations. When I 
>flew from Stockholm to Zürich the Swedish 
>airport staff just smiled and told me "no 
>problem, you're fine with that trunk", but when 
>I was going the other way the staff in Zürich 
>hit me with a USD 65 overweight fee for the very 
>same suitcase.

Oh yeah, good point.  We almost got hit with that 
going to Japan last year.  Luggage was fine on 
the trip over, but overweight on the way back 
(although, if anything, our bags were lighter 
because we shipped some stuff back).  Then they 
sold us a box ($10 USD for a cardboard box, 
hrmmmmm) to offload a couple kilos of clothing 

We just wrote it off as an "international" thing 
at the time, thinking that Japan merely had 
different regs than the US.  But it looks as if 
domestic US airlines/airports are getting into 
that game now too.

Forewarned is forearmed, though...


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