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Re: solid state recorders

At 6:42 PM +0200 4/22/06, Per Boysen wrote:
>This looks as an awesome piece of gear! Thanks for the tip! I 
>already own a 1 GB USB stick, so I just need to pick up some line 
>level mic. Seems as the price dropped by half recently ;-)

No problem, Per!  Although, credit where credit is due, it was 
Duncan's post a couple months back that hipped me to it.  And Paul 
Mimlitsch did a quickie review a little bit afterwards, if you want 
to look through the archives for a second opinion.  :)

It was nice to see the drop in price too.  I originally picked mine 
up for ~$150 USD at the local Guitar Center after I forced them to do 
a price match, but I knew I was taking it on the chin for the 
convenience of walking out the door with it.  Now that they're 
sub-$100 bucks, the iKey ought to be flying off the shelves...


"Behind every fear lies a wish, don't you think...?"