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Re: Not Just the Fathead...


i think the fathead just increases sustain but not in an ebow kind of way. 
it looks quite similar to john pearce's device that attaches on to the 
headstock to help increase sustain. its more subtle than any sustainiac or 
ebow in that it returns a lot of the vibration caused by playing the 
to the soundboard not letting the vibrations occur in the neck hence 
enhancing the sonic life of the note. hope this makes sense.

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> From: "Per Boysen" <perboysen@gmail.com>
>> On 21 apr 2006, at 12.04, Stephen Goodman wrote:
>>> Interesting contraption, one wonders what it would sound like with 
>>> either an e-Bow or a [vintage musical swell] the Gizmo...!
>> Does the electromagnetic e-Bow string induction depend on mechanical 
>> headstock response?
> Well, I've found that some acoustic guitars just won't resonate so much, 
> though my experience is limited.  I remember a Farrington that a friend 
> had once on a gig, he borrowed my e-Bow and couldn't make it do nuthin 
> audibly. For some reason the Oscar Schmidt acoustic I've got sings like 
> mo-fo with e-Bow... so I am inclined to think, YES there is a physical 
> relationship between e-Bow use and the ability of a guitar to resonate. 
> Damn, wish I had the money to experiment with THAT: One 
> e-Bow and a Fathead.  Hmm..
>>> I'd be curious to see if when someone puts a Fathead on their  guitar, 
>>> they publish some sound files comparing the before and  after...
>> Yes, it would be interesting with an A/B test ;-)
> Those on the list about to pursue this inspired line of experimentation 
> are therefore required to report to us all! :)
> (off for now, I've got the final parts for my new PCs!  Let the building 
> commence!  Details later.)
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