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Re: News From Electrix

I hate to go conspiracy theorist on everybody, but maybe they are only
doing this to get people excited again...i have been hearing some
pretty bad things against Electrix, and so maybe the Electrix people
are doing this to generate some excitement, yet they still have no
intentions on releasing the repeater mk.2 for another few years...I
mean, even Zoe, who apparently did beta-testing for the new repeater,
and she said that she has been done with that for a year now...and
Mark has a good point. Why would they advertise on another website...i
would think something as big as their new flagship product would mean
frontpage stuff...i am not saying this what is going on, but from what
i have ben hearing, I wouldn't get excited...of course, several people
have already said this on LD :)


On 4/21/06, mark sottilaro <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Simon Le Geyt <slg@mac.com> wrote:
> > If you follow the links to the CF cards you get to
> > Pro Sound,
> > presumably a legit company, whose advertising copy
> > for the cards
> > talks quite specifically about their joint testing
> > (with Electrix) of
> > these cards for Repeater and Repeater Mk2
> And this is marketing?  That's like Ford not releasing
> info on a new car model and instead having a mention
> of the new car on a Goodyear tire site.
> I'm still skeptical.  If it does come out as software
> that can be run on my Repeater, I'd surely pay for it.
>  If it's a hardware upgrade... I'm pretty sure I'd pay
> for that too.  Buy a new one?  Maybe... if I could
> fetch a decent price for my mk1 on Ebay and the mk2
> proved to be a good product.
> Mark
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