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RE: Keaggy video up

One thing I notice is that he is in the habit of tapping his foot on the upbeat (1-tap-2-tap-3-tap-4-tap). That serves the looper control well since he usually taps ahead of a loop start to control what happens next to the loop. I’m probably overanalyzing…


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Every single track involves looping. Lots of close-up looks at his technique, too.


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Do most of the tunes on that dvd involve looping?


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I just noticed that the Phill Keaggy video is up on video.google.com. If I'm not mistaken, we have Per to thank for that.


If you want a real treat, go to Keaggy's website and order the "Live from Phillie" DVD. His rendition of Salvation Army Band on this DVD is absolutely spectacular. The whole concert is a real treat.


I just saw him a couple of weeks ago. One thing's for sure...he never plays a song the same way twice. He really was on his game when they recorded the "Live from Phillie" show.