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OT: ZOOM PS-02 Palmtop Studio & Planet Waves Chord Master for Sale

I have a ZOOM PS-02 palm-sized digital recorder for sale. This unit has 
been used maybe once. I just don't have the time to utilize it anymore. I 
have the manual and the original SmartMedia card. The unit is 
battery-powered, although it does have the capability of an AC adapter 
(not included). These units went for $219.00 when new. Make me an 
reasonable offer!

The Planet Waves Chord Master is, again, in like new condition. I have 
used it only a few times. $18.00.

Shipping will be inexpensive as the units are lightweight.

Here's some specs of the ZOOM PS-02:
Audio Tracks:3 
Recording time:16 minutes/Hi-Fi mode, 32 minutes/Long mode (32MB Memory 
card, Total tracks, Monaural) 
Virtual Takes:10/Track 
Song:Maximum 100 
Preset patterns:200 
Tempo:40-250 ¥Ärum Kit:6 
Bass Program (Sound):5 
Effect type:50 ¥Åffect Module:6 
Maximum simultaneous effects:8 
Effect Patch Memory:User 60, Preset 60, Total 120 
Sampling frequency:31.25kHz 
A/D Conversion:20bit 64times oversampling 
D/A Conversion:20bit 8times oversampling DSP:ZFx-2/24bit processing (ZOOM 
Built-in Mic:Omnidirectional condenser electrostatic microphone 
Input (Used as both Line and Mic):1/4" monaural phone jack x1, Nominal 
input level:-50dBm (Mic / 
High Gain), :40dBm (Mic / Low Gain), -16dBm (Guitar/High Gain), -10dBm 
(Guitar / Low gain), 
Input impedance:500k ohm 
AUX Input:Mini stereo phone jack x1, Nominal input level:-10dBm, Input 
impedance:40k ohm 
Output:1/4" stereo phone jack x1, Nominal output level:-10dBm (Load 
impedance 10k ohm or more) , Output impedance:Less than 1k ohm 
Headphones output:Mini Stereo phone jack x1, Nominal output 
level:-10dBm(Load impedance 32 ohm), Output Impedance:10 ohm 
Display:Original LCD with Backlight 
Memory card:3.3V Smart Media/8MB-64MB 
Power requirements:Supplied AC adaptor AD-0006 (DC9V / 300mA / Center 
minus) or Optional AAA type battery x4 
Continuous battery operation:More than 4 hours (Continuous playback, 
Alkaline battery) 
Dimensions:85mm (W) x90mm (D) x35mm (H) 
Weight:140g (Without battery) *0dBm=0.775Vrms