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Sustainiac and Fathead

David Sylvian told me about Michael Brook's Infinite Sustain setup. Anyone know anything about this? David didn't know the actual technology. Sounds like the Sustainiac. Or an ebow on all 6 strings.

It sounds REALLY cool. Clean but sustained - kind of like a pedal steel on steroids.

I wish there was some way to have an ebow without having to hold it with my right hand.

Also, Pers' photo answered my question about the Fathead!

Luthiers could probably answer your questions about peg head weight and density. I do know there's a huge difference between slotted peg heads and regular. Beyond the sound, there's the consideration of balance of the guitar.

I would bet the brass nut would give you close to the same effect as the fat head. I once owned a Travis Bean with a metal neck. All I can say is that on a cold day it was a bear to play... but on warm days it sounded great.

I sold it because I didn't live in Arizona.

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On 21-Apr-06, at 2:09 AM, Per Boysen wrote:


I heard it gives better sustain and overtone twang to less distorted guitar work. Anyone know about the guy in Carlifornia that made them ("Aspen & Associates" in Sylmar)? This original plate I found second hand at an Italian store's web site. I guess the best way to check this out would be to make a paper template of the headstock front and go to some brass/steel lab and have them drill it for you.

I'm just wondering what it would sound like to mount a Sustaniac on that brass headstock plate? ;-)

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