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Re: Not Just the Fathead...

On 21-Apr-06, at 5:44 AM, Stephen Goodman wrote:

On 21 apr 2006, at 12.04, Stephen Goodman wrote:

Damn, wish I had the money to experiment with THAT: One acoustic-electric, e-Bow and a Fathead. Hmm..

I'd be curious to see if when someone puts a Fathead on their guitar, they publish some sound files comparing the before and after...

Okay! I use an ebow on most all of my acoustics. It's all about finding the resonant place to hold it. Some respond better than others, but all will sing if tickled in the right place. BUT! What's a Fathead? Are you talking about the amp?
richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.