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Re: Not Just the Fathead...

From: "Per Boysen" <perboysen@gmail.com>
> On 21 apr 2006, at 12.04, Stephen Goodman wrote:
>> Interesting contraption, one wonders what it would sound like with 
>> either an e-Bow or a [vintage musical swell] the Gizmo...!
> Does the electromagnetic e-Bow string induction depend on mechanical 
> headstock response?

Well, I've found that some acoustic guitars just won't resonate so much, 
though my experience is limited.  I remember a Farrington that a friend 
once on a gig, he borrowed my e-Bow and couldn't make it do nuthin 
For some reason the Oscar Schmidt acoustic I've got sings like a mo-fo 
e-Bow... so I am inclined to think, YES there is a physical relationship 
between e-Bow use and the ability of a guitar to resonate.  Damn, wish I 
the money to experiment with THAT: One acoustic-electric, e-Bow and a 
Fathead.  Hmm..

>> I'd be curious to see if when someone puts a Fathead on their  guitar, 
>> they publish some sound files comparing the before and  after...
> Yes, it would be interesting with an A/B test ;-)

Those on the list about to pursue this inspired line of experimentation 
therefore required to report to us all! :)

(off for now, I've got the final parts for my new PCs!  Let the building 
commence!  Details later.)
Stephen Goodman

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