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LAMBIC This Friday (today) at Barbes--Early 7 PM show--looping content

Hi, everyone, a reminder about our gig at Barbes in Park slope, 
Brooklyn, a great neighborhood bar that also has one of the best music 
scenes in New York. This show is an early one, 7 pm to 8 pm on Friday, 
April 21st, so all of you who couldn't make our later shows, this one 
is for you. Since it's our first time playing here, we'd like to get a 
good turnout, so PLEASE  come, and bring friends! Barbes is 376 9th 
Street at the corner of 6th avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And there 
is much loopage from both members of the band.

 From our myspace page http://myspace.com/lambic - Lambic is a style of 
Belgian ale that is spontaneously fermented from wild yeasts. Lambic is 
also a band featuring Paul Sullivan on guitars and effects, and Stephen 
Moses on drums, trombone, and effects. Lambic is spontaneously 
fermented music, free improvisation with a groove.

For more info: call 718 965-9177 or go to www.barbesbrooklyn.com

Thanks, hope to see you there & please come up and say Hi if you came 
because of this announcement.