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RE: Music Scene

> a friend and I used to go to some shows and decided that the worst 
> audiences were ones that were full of musicians who would sit 
> there and say 
> "why is he getting paid to do THAT??? I could do that..... I 
> could do that 
> BETTER!!!!!" I say enjoy the show, maybe you'll learn 
> something from him 

> Paul Haslem
> www.dulcify.ca 

I gotta agree, Paul - the "general public" tends to judge performances by
whether they communicate something - many musicians seem to judge instead 
the degree of technical achievement that's represented. Since my thrust
tends to be more communicative rather than technical (even though when I
talk about my own software, I do tend to get technical), I try not to think
about how other musicians in the audience are reacting.

You know the old joke about how many guitar players it takes to screw in a

50: 1 to change the bulb, and 49 to stand around saying, "I could do that".