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Re: solid state recorders

Hello Per,

Griffin offers the "iTalk" - seems like it features a built-in 
microphone _and_ a mini speaker _and_ a mic input jack. The price in 
Germany ist about 40 EUR.
Belkin offers the "Universal microphone adapter" which features a mic 
input with gain-poti and a headphone output. It costs something  about 
30 EUR.
I'm not quite sure about the sound quality; both look quite "cheap"... 
so I will buy the Edirol R-09 and hope its built-in microphones
sound as good as the sound-demo of the R-1 on Edirol's website promises.


Per Boysen wrote:
> I recently bought an iPod with a 30 GB drive. There is a rumor saying 
> that both Apple and Griffin are soon to release mic recording adapters 
> for iPod. I've had two portable DAT recorders over the last fifteen(?) 
> years but batteries wear out and products get discontinued. I'm 
> betting on the iPod for future field recording work  ;-)
> -- 
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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