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Re: Music Scene

Per Boysen wrote:
> Why are we not talking about "showmanship" and "entertainment" that
> much? I think those were the dimensions of Lidells show that made me
> like it even though I wasn't very keen on "the content".

Lidell's show actually does not fit my taste too much, but that its art, 
I have no doubt about. There is expression, there is content, there is a 
connection to the audience.
The taste would judge about the quality of content: if it broadens my 
horizon, opens my senses. And the quality of personal connection: if the 
sensation will last, or if I am bored after a while. I can't judge this 
out of a short video, it might show all he can deliver or only a tiny 
Showmanship, entertainment, virtuosity are just aids to transport the 
art, they surely help, but they are not essential. You could do art 
without those, but you need to express something. The longer you do 
that, the more skills you'll develop...

I had the feeling the show was not just about entertaining the audience, 
I appreciate that.



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