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Re: Music Scene

This is a question that has interested me for a long time. For me it seems 
to boil down to stage presence, I've seen people who can entertain, with 
songs and stories in between; then I've seen some players who don't say 
more than a few words in their entire set but still have a magnetism that 
draws the audience in and takes them along for the journey. The worst I've 
seen are performers who ignore their audience or in the case of a band, 
talk among themselves with in-jokes that once again leaves the audience 
out. Once again I think there is a real difference in choosing not to talk 
long introductions and ignoring the audience.

a friend and I used to go to some shows and decided that the worst 
audiences were ones that were full of musicians who would sit there and 
"why is he getting paid to do THAT??? I could do that..... I could do that 
BETTER!!!!!" I say enjoy the show, maybe you'll learn something from him 
that will improve your own show. In my own case the truth was that for 
of years I just didn't have the balls to get up and take the risk of 
playing badly in front of people.... It's one thing to perform some cool 
stuff at home, A totally different thing to pull it off on stage. My hats 
off to everyone who'll get up and do it.

Paul Haslem

At 01:56 PM 4/19/2006, you wrote:

>Per wrote:
> > Why are we not talking about "showmanship" and "entertainment" that 
>Possibly because most musicians see themselves more as artists rather than
>entertainers.  But at the same time they resent the success of other 
>who are more popular because they know how to entertain.