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Re: News From Electrix

Man, this guy's bitter. :)
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Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: News From Electrix

>I still call bogus.  Electrix puts this on a thread
> called "Electrix Certified CF cards available"  Not on
> the announcement page?  Or home page?  Why is Electrix
> "Guru" user number 1452 and in California (Electrix is
> in Canada)
> Until it's on an official press release or home page
> it's pretty much meaningless.  Actually, until units
> hit retailers it's meaningless with this company.  Bob
> Amstadt missed his ship date of the Looperlative by a
> few days and I'll tell you that man was a shining
> example of how a company/developer can interface with
> it's clients.  His communication was great.  Come to
> think of it, there are a few people here who've been
> great.  Electrix is crap.  I love my Repeater, but as
> a company they have pretty much 0 credibility.
> --- Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:
>> i don't know forum rules regarding swearing (someone
>> called their BS)
>> but here is the link
>> Charlie
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