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Re: News From Electrix

If and when a Mark II Repeater emerges, I'm very sure it will find a ready
audience who will buy it.  The interface looks cool and stereo out of the
box will appeal IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT.  And let's hope Electrix can keep
their expenses down so they don't go dark again this time around. :-)


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> > > >  Surprised that no-one has reposted this.
> > Fresh
> > > > from the Electrix
> > > > website and RepeaterUsers
> > > > group...
> I call bogus.  I went to the Electrix website and
> there hasn't been a post from anyone from Electrix
> since they first announced the mk2.  Not a mention of
> a new Repeater was found.  Please don't spread hoxes.
> Mark
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