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Re: Keller Williams?

I love Keller, probably seen him about 15 times. He is really the guy who
got me into looping. Well, I first learned what is was from Trey
Anasastio's very rudimentary use of the Boomerang, but Keller was the first
person to make me realize what could potentially be done with looping.

While his looping may not be the most complex out there, he is an AMAZING
guitar player, and really just such an inherently musical guy. Great
vocalist & bass player too. Oh, and hand drummer. And I saw him play Martin
Sexton's 'Black Sheep' on piano in Amsterdam last year.

His albums don't feature very much loopinjg, but if anyone gets a chance to
see him live, I highly reccomend it.

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I know that i am somewhat new here and he might have been talked about
already, but i was just wondering what everybody thought of Keller
WIlliams...I kinda like him, he in part got me interested in looping,
and he appears to have some fun concerts! I will agree that his music
isn't as technical as a lot of the stuff here, but he is pretty big in
the jam band scene.

Anybody else dig him?


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