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Re: Jamie Lidell live looping movie

Jeff Kaiser wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> I'm very much enjoying listening to your stuff on myspace.....I'm 
> digging your grooves and textures/timbres....very hip.....(out of 
> curiousity, what software you using? I'm always curious about the 
> creative tools)....I love that few seconds of sonic atmosphere...Buy 
> First Second Free is nice, combining the beautiful glitch with 
> time...very nice...Maybe if I get to Halifax some day, we could play 
> some music...(I know nothing of halifax, is there a happening 
> experimental music scene there?) 

Hi, Jeff.
Halifax doesn't have a big enough experimental music scene for me to 
afford to get you here
and back (even in cases where artists come to play and do so just to 
make their gas money
back, they've often *not* made their gas money back)--Halifax is very 
much a city that
is into rock music and dance music.  But if you're ever travelling on 
the East coast of Canada
and want to get together, definitely get in touch.

Glad to hear you like my stuff.  For my material, I tend to create the 
sounds with Native Instruments Reaktor and Audiomulch and then put 
things together with Ableton Live.  The FX medley is bits
from my Sonic Atmospheres 1 downloadable samplepack.

Take care.

Andrew Duke
scoring/sound design/source
Cognition Audioworks label
[Andrew Duke, Foal, Clinker, Granny'Ark]