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Re: List problem with Gmail

At 6:51 PM +0200 4/19/06, Per Boysen wrote:
>A while back I re-subscribed through my Gmail account, but since 
>then I never see my own mails making it into the list. Not until 
>someone answered one of my posts I understood that my posts sent 
>through Gmail actually turned up on the list - distributed to 
>everyone except me. Anyone know about such Gmail issues?

I don't use mine much for lists, but when I do something similar 
drives me buggy: it takes my "outgoing" email, and adds that to the 
conversation thread it's tracking.  I don't ever see confirmation 
that the incoming message has actually hit the list either.

Aggravating?  Yes.  You're not alone...

"The revolution may be someone somewhere else..."