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digitech x-series delay (4sec)

i just finished doing some recording tests using my new
digitech x-series delay,  and was quite impressed with the results.
i sort of switch back and forth between the digital delay (4 sec)
and the tape delay (2 sec), and it is most fun to control the feedback
if you keep it at 3o'clock you can add stuff, and then move it to 100% (about
5 oclock)  it locks in & you can play over it. granted its a lot of hand/finger
manipulation (twiddling) but i'm a twiddler....if you desire foot control, it's probably not
for you, that would be a lot of bending over and reaching & w/ my back troubles, that
would be trouble.
my last set of recordings were attempts at doing some "live in my studio" stuff -after listening to all the folks who's cds i've traded w/ who do live looping-which has been
very inspirational, and for me its my weakest area (hard to do and keep interest, quality up i think for me). but i thought digitech's delay works quite well in achieving some wacky effects and sounds (i also used it inconjuction w/ my rp100, zoom g2, and my dod d-12). and for 100$ roughly, it has been a useful tool....
my 2 cents for today...

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