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Re: Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops


When I do it, I'm not on an unlimited budget either. I use cheap stuff like Alesis reverbs
(MIDIverb, MicroVerb, Nano Verb, etc.) patched into a pair of old Boss RPS-10 pitch shifters.

When I go stereo I can take the R & L out of the reverb and have each of the two RPS-10s
set to shift to a different interval creating more of a 3-note chordal effect.

The are patches on the Alesis Ineko and Akira that already seem to have the reverb
and harmonization combined to some degree -- but ithey're less programable than
individual devices.

Anywho, I suggest using a small mixer of some sort and a panning pedal (if you want
foot control a la Gilmour). Separate your guitar signal in to two parallel paths, one
for straight guitar and one for the hanging chord effect via the panning pedal. When
you want distinct guitar notes push the pedal one way (back?) and when you want the
hanging chord cloud push it the other way (forward?) to pan it to the other signal path.
Sum both in the small mixer and sent the output of that to your amp and/or PA.

Find whatever stand-alone reverb effect that works for you. It'll need to have the ability to
have really long decay tails. Some units don't let you do this. Alesis stuff is not the
best sounding . . . but it does work and it's cheap.

Another pedal that sortta works is the old Digitech XP-300. Experiment around. That's
how you find stuff out.

tEd kiLLiAn

On Apr 18, 2006, at 7:23 AM, William White wrote:

do you have any suggestions re pedals (or rack mounts, if pedals won't cut it)?

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