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Re: Repeater Bump / gilmour loops

sounds like fun!

On 4/18/06, simeon harris <simeonharris@hotmail.com> wrote:
> if i remember rightly, i was the first person to bring the infamous 
> "bump" to the attention of this forum ("bump" was the word i coined for 
> i think it has to do with how the repeater tries to join the two ends of 
> wav file together and how the waveforms don't line up correctly. it's 
> more obvious on low frequency sounds, because the waveforms are larger 
> less likely to match up. i bought two d2's for seamless ambient loops
> because of it
> concerning gilmour's harmonised reverb pads...coincidentally i wrote a 
> a few weeks ago that creates harmonised reverb pads using a cc pedal and 
> works great - the harmonies are generated by the g-force and they run 
> the eclipse set on an infinite delay / reverb patch at 100% wet. i also 
> the d2's to do this by swelling chords into a muti-tap delay set on 
> feedback. having lots of delay repeats set various time intervals helps 
> smooth out the pad so that you hardly get any rhythmic artifacts in the 
> at all
> best
> sim
> www.simeonharris.co.uk
> www.alternityrecords.com