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Re: Repeater Bump (was: Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops)

> On 18 apr 2006, at 09.36, Stuart Wyatt wrote:
> > My major gripe with the Repeater is that you
> couldn't straight into  
> > overdub after recording the first part of the
> loop... which is one  
> > of the NECESSITIES for creating a seemless loop!

I've always been a proponant of recording a blank loop
based on the length of my looped phrase.  It's then
easy to just open the loop and have a seamless loop. 
Not nearly as good as an EDP or Looperlative's
straight to overdub, but it served me well for the
last few years.

OK, let's agree that Electrix rushed an imprefect
product out the door and then went defunct.  A few
people out there got bad units.  Judging by the amount
they must have sold compared to the amount that are
complained about, they probably had a decent success
rate.  Of course the people who got burned tend to be
the loudest, which then incites satisfied users into
defending the honor of their beloved looper.  OK? 
Some Repeaters suck.  My EDP was broken out of the
box.  I exchanged  it for a second perfect Repeater. 
Oh well.


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