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RE: Repeater Bump

> From: Charles Zwicky 
> Have you used any device that can synch to MIDI without a 
> glitch at the loop boundry? This would require some 
> crosfading that may result in some undesireable artifact of 
> it's own.

Yes, the EDP can do this as well as some software loopers.  Loopers
that sync to midi usually retrigger at the MIDI start point to
compensate for drift away from the MIDI clock.  But if this retrigger
happens while recording is enabled it causes a discontinuity in the
recording which you can think of as either a "gap" if the retrigger
jumped forward, or a "splice" if the retrigger jumped backward.

Some loopers do nothing about this which can result in sharp unfaded
edges in the waveform that sound like clicks.  I suspect this is how
the JamMan behaves.

Others are smart enough to apply fading to the edges so you won't hear
a click but you may hear a softer bump or what sounds like a skip.

Smarter loopers like the EDP simply disable this retrigger while
recording is enabled so you are never in danger of clicks, gaps,
or skips.  The consequence however is that if you leave overdub
on all the time the loop will never be retriggered and it will drift
out of sync.  You have to remember to drop out of overdub occasionally
to let the loop resync.