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Re: Repeater Bump

>> Per Wrote:
>> I also used a Repeater for some years, but I never had this  
>> problem with "a bump" at the loop point. Of course I adapted my  
>> playing to the Repeater, in the way Stuart explains. So if I  
>> wanted to create a seamless "pad-like" loop I first created the  
>> loop (eventually simply silence) and then overdubbed audio into  
>> the loop. But even when breaking this rule I never experienced "a  
>> loud bump" with my Repeater.

On 18 apr 2006, at 11.29, Stuart Wyatt wrote:
> Hhhhmmm... so it looks as though there are some well behaved  
> Repeaters out there :) Maybe I was just unlucky. I did the same as  
> you for trying to create pad loops - first recording an empty loop,  
> then after it has played once, hitting overdub. I was well used to  
> creating seamless loops on the DL4 (most of my music starts with a  
> drone), but those damned clicks appeared every time on my Repeater.  
> The clicks weren't always recorded into the actual loop, but they  
> were always there for the first few cycles... Its the same sort of  
> clicks that you get on a PC setup when the buffer size is too low.

The first Repeater I received came from the Swedish distributor  
because I was going to test and review it for a Swedish guitar player  
magazine. This unit wasn't very good, actually. It produced many kind  
of audio artifacts when looping, although not the typical "bump". So  
I called the distributor who exchanged it for a second unit, and this  
one was perfect! After the testing period I bought it and used it for  
two years. It seems there were "good" and "less good" units shipped,  
but since I have only tested two Repeaters I can't really tell the  
frequency of malfunctioning.