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Re: Repeater Bump

> Per Wrote:
> I also used a Repeater for some years, but I never had this problem with 
> "a bump" at the loop point. Of course I adapted my playing to the 
> Repeater, in the way Stuart explains. So if I wanted to create a 
> seamless "pad-like" loop I first created the loop (eventually simply 
> silence) and then overdubbed audio into the loop. But even when breaking 
> this rule I never experienced "a loud bump" with my Repeater.

Hhhhmmm... so it looks as though there are some well behaved Repeaters 
out there :) Maybe I was just unlucky. I did the same as you for trying 
to create pad loops - first recording an empty loop, then after it has 
played once, hitting overdub. I was well used to creating seamless loops 
on the DL4 (most of my music starts with a drone), but those damned 
clicks appeared every time on my Repeater. The clicks weren't always 
recorded into the actual loop, but they were always there for the first 
few cycles... Its the same sort of clicks that you get on a PC setup 
when the buffer size is too low.

- Stuart Wyatt  http://swyatt.com