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Repeater Bump (was: Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops)

> Mr.subliminal wrote:
>> The Repeater, not as much.  I don't
>>> have an issue with it but there's a tiny split second
>>> bump in volume at the start of the loop.  Not a click
>>> but it can be noticable.  I guess it's the price for
>>> all the DSP crazyness that the Repeater does.
>> This is not true...I am tired of listening for this bullshit over  
>> and over. I used the Repeater extensively live for years in all  
>> kinds of situations: Live, studio, etc.
>> There is is no bump whatsoever. Maybe some units where defective.  
>> Or it might be related with the inability to use them properly.

On 18 apr 2006, at 09.36, Stuart Wyatt wrote:

> I used to be a Repeater owner, and I had bumps whilst trying to do  
> seamless loops (as well as many other problems). I thought it might  
> have been a defective unit, but I have also tried 2 other people's  
> Repeaters since, and the same happened with their units. Maybe you  
> have a rare one that doesn't do this, but you can't go around  
> yelling 'Bullshit', or insinuate that people that they are unable  
> to use them properly! People will snap back....
> My major gripe with the Repeater is that you couldn't straight into  
> overdub after recording the first part of the loop... which is one  
> of the NECESSITIES for creating a seemless loop!

I also used a Repeater for some years, but I never had this problem  
with "a bump" at the loop point. Of course I adapted my playing to  
the Repeater, in the way Stuart explains. So if I wanted to create a  
seamless "pad-like" loop I first created the loop (eventually simply  
silence) and then overdubbed audio into the loop. But even when  
breaking this rule I never experienced "a loud bump" with my Repeater.

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