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Re: Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops

Mr.subliminal wrote:
> The Repeater, not as much.  I don't
>> have an issue with it but there's a tiny split second
>> bump in volume at the start of the loop.  Not a click
>> but it can be noticable.  I guess it's the price for
>> all the DSP crazyness that the Repeater does.
> This is not true...I am tired of listening for this bullshit over and 
> over. I used the Repeater extensively live for years in all kinds of 
> situations: Live, studio, etc.
> There is is no bump whatsoever. Maybe some units where defective. Or it 
> might be related with the inability to use them properly.

I used to be a Repeater owner, and I had bumps whilst trying to do 
seamless loops (as well as many other problems). I thought it might have 
been a defective unit, but I have also tried 2 other people's Repeaters 
since, and the same happened with their units. Maybe you have a rare one 
that doesn't do this, but you can't go around yelling 'Bullshit', or 
insinuate that people that they are unable to use them properly! People 
will snap back....

My major gripe with the Repeater is that you couldn't straight into 
overdub after recording the first part of the loop... which is one of 
the NECESSITIES for creating a seemless loop!

- Stuart Wyatt  http://swyatt.com