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Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops

Hi -

I'm a guitarist, and have been trying to recreate a looping/delay effect 
I saw David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) employ at his Meltdown performance in 

In essence, I'm trying to find a device that will loop a chord 
seamlessly - i.e. will eliminate the "click" sound one normally hears 
when one uses most digital delay pedals such as the Boss DD-3 to loop a 
chord. The purpose of this is to create a synthesizer-like effect using 
a guitar with one simple chordstroke. Gilmour uses a Roland SDE-3000 for 
this purpose, although it's not clear to me whether he actually loops 
the chord or uses some delay effect, and the it is hard to find reliable 
information on the Roland.

My guess is that the sort of device I have in mind would have to fade in 
the beginning of the loop during the final seconds (or milliseconds) of 
the loop (and possibly fade the loop out at the same time). I have not 
yet managed to find a pedal which actually claims to be able to do this, 
and would be very grateful for any advice.

Thanks in advance!