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Looperlative: First impressions...

I had great fun with my Looperlative last night. 
FINALLY.  I love it's simplicity.  It gives it a kind
of depth.  Like oil paint.  Simple but manipulated
correctly it's a powerful thing.  The fidelity seems
great, very transparent.  I love it's MIDI learn deal.
 It's ability to execute 8 commands from a single midi
message is great.  With the EDP I had to step twice to
get a quantized loop set up based on a number of
beats, but with the looperlative I say, "Execute this
command twice when you get it" and it does.  I don't
know why but I love that being able to start a loop
and know that in x amount of bars it's just going to
start overdubbing.  LOVE IT.  It's like a present
coming in the mail on the birthday of the loop.  Here
it is!  You played this a while ago!

In an odd sense it's daunting after being a Repeater
user for so long.  With the Repeater you see what the
designers intended quite clearly.  There are a few
tricks, but for the most part the interface/features
inform how the user uses it.  The Looperlative is more
like the EDP in a sense that a greater responsability
goes to the user to make the box what they want it to

There are still a few things that I'd like to see in
it, like a cued MIDI sync record (there's a cue to
record on another track but the new track won't be
synced to midi) but we're at v 1 of it's software. 
There's obviously more to come and I still haven't
even explored track groupings and other madness.  When
I've been up and down this piece of kit, I'll write a
formal review on LD, but so far it's fitting very
nicely in my world.  It's a great companion to the
Repeater which now seems to be the device I use for
deeper pitch/tempo manipulation.

Stay tuned...


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