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Blatant plug: New albums out

Hi folks,
just in case you have no idea how to spend some cash, you might want to buy our new limited-edition album "doombient.two -- a declaration of war". Itīs a live recording from 2003 which I had to restore to make it listenable again, hence it took a while to get it released. This is the sequel to "doombient.one -- verbrannte erde" which we released two and a half years ago. Stylewise, itīs our most industrial-sounding album thus far, itīs basically ambient grand piano loops, PPG 360, Mini Moog, and a massive sequencer loop on a Moog IIIc (courtesy Mark Shreeve). Some people who attended the show were raving about how much it reminded them of Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle. Not for the faint at heart, mind you. You can read the whole story behind the album in the "outlets" section of www.doombient.com . There should be some audio playing in the background to give you an impression.
On a slightly different note I released two ambient music albums in a limited edition of 25 copies each, called "Tektonik" and "Gronland" respectively. Each album comes in a very special package and is hand-numbered. I have no audio up at the moment but if you like the ambient works of Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Lustmord or Jeff Greinke I think you might like these, too. These albums lead me straight back to the Prophet VS thread Rob started recently ;-)... If you have any questions, please get back to me privately. Thanks for reading and for letting me waste bandwidth,

"I come from another planet, baby." (Julian Cope)

Now available: "Tektonik" and "Gronland", two new ambient music albums by Stephen Parsick.
Each album is limited to 25 copies and will come in a special packing and is hand-numbered.
Itīs out: "doombient.two -- a declaration of war", the new [īramp] album, recorded live in hell in 2003.
Limited to 100 copies only so get it while you still can.
For info and audio, please visit the official [īramp] website at www.doombient.com