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Re: Thomas Dolby: LIVE LOOPING

At 02:40 AM 4/16/2006, loop.pool wrote:
>The the excellent group LoopStation performed with, again, Line 6 DL4s 
>what looked
>from my vantage point to be a Boss gigadelay.

They were using Boss RC-20's last time I saw them.

(get it? Boss RC-20 Loopstation? They are a wonderful group, but I really 
wish they hadn't named themselves after their favorite footpedal.)

>The group is a cellist and a singer and they were really wonderful and 
>amazingly full spectrum
>in their passionate pop songs.    They were very, very well recieved by 
>the crowd and I was lucky enough
>that their cellist gave me one of their CDs to listen to , which I can't 
>wait to put on my hard drive right away.

Loopstation plays around the bay area a lot. I've seen them at Van Kleef's 
in Oakland a few times. In fact, some completely non-looping related 
friends of mine turned me on to them. And then my girlfriend got all 
excited about their music and bought all their cd's. Loopstation doesn't 
just appeal to techy music nerds, so they must be legitimately good! 
people like them.


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