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Re: EDP Feedback and Volume Pedal

At 01:24 PM 4/16/2006, Kevin wrote:
>I'm having a little problem with the Ernie Ball volume pedal I have 
>plugged into the Feedback jack at the back of the EDP.  Whenever I adjust 
>the feedback using the pedal, it seems to take a little while for the EDP 
>to notice that I'm moving the pedal and adjust the feedback accordingly.

Make sure you are using the correct type of pedal. It should be a volume 
pedal intended for line level signals, where the pot is around 20kOhm. If 
you are using a volume pedal intended for guitar the resistance will be 
high, around 250kOhm. Most of the range of the pedal will not be 
recognized. So you may have to move through a lot of the pedal range 
you reach the point where the EDP recognizes it.

See the Echoplex pedal tutorial for a lot more details:

Also, make sure you understand what feedback is and how it works. You 
hear the result of a feedback change until the next repetition of the loop.

However, if you are using LoopIV some of the interface modes provide 
interesting variations on this. You may want to explore those after you 
the idea of basic feedback control.

>I also notice that if I swoop the pedal a couple of times to get 
>the  feedback change noticed, there is also a accompanying swoop in the 
>volume leve of the loop I'm recording.  Has anyone else had this 
>happen?  If so, how did you deal with it?

As Bill explained, Feedback is a dynamic control. It is always affecting 
the level fed back into the loop. Active motions you make on feedback will 
be heard in the next repetitions of the loop.


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