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Re: Phil Keaggy video

>On 16 apr 2006, at 07.19, John Tidwell wrote:
>>a nice looping performance of Salvation Army Band.

I am in awe of Keaggy's combined guitar and looping chops.  About his 
looping gear I found that at http://www.museweb.com/keaggy/tech.html

"In the mid 1990s, Chet Atkins introduced Phil to the Lexicon JamMan....
In 2000 Phil began using a 
<http://www.rolls.com/new/mp1288.html>Rolls RFX MP1288 MIDIWizard 
MIDI foot controller to control his JamMan (you can see him using it 
in the split-screen shot near the beginning of his Philly Live! DVD). 
This is one of only a few MIDI pedals that allows one to send 
multiple MIDI messages with a single foot press. This allows Phil to 
do things with the JamMan that would require sub-millisecond footwork 
to accomplish with the JamMan's normal pedals. In addition, the 
JamMan has some capabilities that are only accessible via MIDI and 
not from the front panel or its included foot pedals. This includes 
the abilities to stop and restart a loop and to fade loops; Phil 
accesses these capabilities with the MIDIWizard. For details on how 
Phil's MIDIWizard is programmed, read these 
<http://www.museweb.com/keaggy/MIDIWizard-JamMan.txt>notes on 
MIDIWizard programming for the JamMan. If you program a MIDIWizard 
this way, you may also find this 
<http://www.museweb.com/keaggy/MIDIWizardLabels.pdf>sheet of 
MIDIWizard labels handy.

"Phil also uses a Line 6 DL4 Modeling Delay pedal for looping and 
other delay-based effects, especially for its capability of reversing 
audio on-the-fly."

I wonder if he's still using the same rig?  It appears so from the video.


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