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RE: Scary Situations

Sounds like a cool gig, David - how'd it go?

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota
Come hear *The Sandbox* at The Monkey in NYC, April 23rd, 8PM  - details at

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> BTW, we have a gig tonight opening for one of my favorite 
> musicians on 
> the planet, Wayne Horvitz. Seeing him in 1989 in his trio with Bobby 
> Previte and Butch Morris was one of those life-changing, 
> career-changing musical moments. We're opening for his group Sweeter 
> than the Day, his piano-based quartet. Also, it's a chance for us to 
> play in a concert hall, listener-friendly setting.  I'm seriously 
> intimidated, in the best possible way, by this gig.