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Thomas Dolby Concert

Just got back from the Thomas Dolby / Colin Hay concert in Agoura (Los Angeles area).  It was great!  Dolby started with a 15 second intro then stopped, threw out some t-shirts into the audience saying "new rule: if things don't work, you get t-shirts" then "see you in a few, we have to reboot.  I really wish Apple would fix their friggin' software" and a guy came out to reboot his machine.  This happened twice, after that it was smooth sailing.  At one point he replied to someone in the audience "What, I should get a pc?"  Pretty funny.
Gotta tell you, I don't perform professionally, but lurking on this list has really opened my eyes, and a lot of the discussion topics on this list were evident in the concert.  For example...
1. The aforementioned computer glitches: his whole show requires the computer, and when it tanked, he was dead
2. He had a camera on the console showing his face superimposed on the image from the camera on his head.  Watching him play and manipulate the electronics was very cool actually
3. He had a screen, and was tied into the hall's screens, showing #2 above but also mini videos that went with the songs, as well as some minor lighting, all of which enhanced the show
4. He looped a lot, and seeing how he did it, with no apparent sound degradation, and the speed with which he built-up the loops, with multiple audio sources, was inspiring
5. In Colin Hay's act, a guy jumped on the stage.  They just went with it, Hay's "dancing girl" (no idea what to call her really) just danced with the guy until the bouncer came and got him.  The song went on without interruption
Overall, a great time, and since being in the list, I watched it with quite a different eye than I have in the past.
Steve Mark