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RE: Scary Freebird Audience Weirdness

it seems i am usually too wrapped up in manipulating technology to notice
some of the audience weirdness.  twice, i am told by band members and
corroborating audience members i have been flashed by a female member of 
audience.  i have no idea what has prompted this on either occasion (though
i'm guessing chemicals or alcohol were contributing factors).  ah the joys
of gigging in a college town!

by recording gigs with a stereo mic out front I have heard some of the
strangest audience conversations, my favorite being"

girl 1: "freebird!"
girl 2: "you know, one of these days you're going to do that and they're
actually going to play it."
girl 1: (after pondering this momentarily) "nah, they wouldn't...  would

then there was the time i recorded a one of my gigs and 2 guys were sitting
down front near my rack and spent the entire set trying to figure out what
was in my rack and how i was doing what i was doing.  it was really amusing
to hear them try to explain it all to each other.


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I actually know Freebird all the way through, so I often invite the yeller
to come up and sing it while I play it.  If that doesn't
shut them up and they
actually come up on stage, I launch into it at triple tempo.  They either
walk off stage, or try to sing it at that speed.  either
way, it's pretty funny.

Joe Rut
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> Freebird....
>     Our response is "come back at Thanksgiving and the Union
> Mission will serve it for you!"  It usually shuts them up
> Weg



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