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RE: play my guitar?

one of the worst things about playing Stick in a band that still does bars
is invariably after every single gig i have at least one inebriated 
member ask me these 2 questions (slurring):

1. hey do you know who Tony Levin is?

2. hey dude, can I try that thing?

my guitarist is really adept at distracting said patron until i can get it
into the case and on it's way out the door.


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Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 7:28 PM
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Subject: play my guitar?

can i play one on your guitar?depending on the size of the tip i see tossed
in the case is one factor.do i smell alchohol?are you a hot chic?(let me
show you how to swing a golf club)ive let a few folks take a spin while i
controll the loops for tips of 10 bucks and up and they have to tip before
asking(unspoken bond.grass gas or ass...isnt that the old saying?ive seen
some amazing players and probably sold a lot of dl4's and rc 20xl's that my
usual recomendation for folks wanting to get started looping.ive had no
security problems(knock on wood)i guess it helps to be scary.
lol anyone from this list can "play my guitar"
                  im off to the woods,

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