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Re: Scary Situations

When I played in a traditional 4-piece rock band back in the 80's we had a 
pre-emptive plan.  When someone would jump up on stage
and sing with us we had a rehearsed plan, our guitarist (who was the band 
leader) would say "All Right!  From the TOP!" and we'd
play the song as fast as the drummer could pound it out.  Usually at such 
a break-neck pace that the tune was unrecognizable and the
singer unable to form an intelligible syllable and only once did it fail 
to yield the desired retreat.  And that guy was crazy
good - so we kept him for another song and then took a break.

Imagine "Walk this Way" at 240bpm.

"Play it faster!  It'll be COOL!"

Pay attention

The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open.  - Gunter Grass

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I actually know Freebird all the way through, so I often invite the yeller 
to come up and sing it while I play it.  If that doesn't
shut them up and they
actually come up on stage, I launch into it at triple tempo.  They either 
walk off stage, or try to sing it at that speed.  either
way, it's pretty funny.

Joe Rut
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> Freebird....
>     Our response is "come back at Thanksgiving and the Union
> Mission will serve it for you!"  It usually shuts them up
> Weg



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